Liliia Yunko

Managing partner / Co-Founder

For the last nine years I have been consulting various businesses in agriculture, automotive, trade, IT, production sectors. I have progressed from a junior associate to the position of a manager. Working in different roles and providing an array of services to the companies allowed me to grow professionally and get a better understanding of clients’ needs, expectations and aspirations. I have learned that business consulting is tricky because it requires you to get into your client’s skin and act as a part of their team and at the same time you take a full responsibility for the deliverables. You get to advice your clients but you also learn from them. It is always a two-way street. I believe that, as a consultant, you have to be open, perceptive and think outside the box. These are the principles that I am bringing into ALP Business Consult with me.

After managing more than 50 set ups of foreign companies my partner and I decided to establish our own company.

We created ALP Business Consult to provide efficient solutions to the Clients, in order to build long term and trustful partnerships. We will do our best to achieve this goal.
Contact information:
Tel.: +38 067 274 69 80