Services is a field that is in need of continuous improvement. There is no right or wrong set of rules on how to treat Clients. However, we believe that a key to success lies in offering personalized solutions, being flexible, keeping clients’ interests as your top priority and saying “NO” if needed.

Founder of ALP Business Consult Liliia Yunko have over 8 years of experiences in different spheres working with a wide range of companies in Ukraine and abroad and being in a role of a Client and Consultant.

This made me thinking about use my knowledge, experience and efforts to better serve the business community.

We promise that our core values will be present in every decision we make, every employee we hire and every interaction we have. From our first email in the morning to our last call at night, our values will guide our relationships with the clients and other stakeholders.

Our practice is based on our commitment to Client service. We structure our practice in teams that are well-positioned to to respond to and fully understand our clients’ needs.